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Bee the Artist
Color the Bee Contest

Contest Rules:

Get a bag and color/decorate it any way you want that will highlight the importance of bees as beautiful pollinators on our earth. Bags can be picked up by the Ocean View Pavilion kiosk.


The whole bag is the “canvas”, not just the bee. Submit the Pavilion Bag at the Spring Street Gallery. There will be a basket for submissions labeled “Bee the Artist”.


On the bottom of the bag write: your name, age (may be given by decade), and how to contact you (address, email, phone, text, other). There will be 3 bags selected on July 31, and 3 more on Aug. 31.


The 3 categories are:

1. those in their first decade of life,

2. those in their second decade of life, and

3. those in their 3rd - 10th decade of life.


Winning submissions will be displayed at Spring Street Gallery, and the Ocean View Pavilion Kiosk. Questions: Contact OVF Naturalist at

Bee the Artist August winners.jpg
Bee the Artist July winners.jpg
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