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Nature on Block Island

Forged by glaciers some 10,000 years ago, Block Island’s unique geography makes it a busy crossroads for an array of spectacular wildlife. Beautiful, peaceful and fragile, the island is a delight for nature lovers and a sanctuary for numerous rare and endangered species. The Island’s natural splendor and magnificent wildlife makes it an ecologically important place to preserve.


Block Island Trail System

There are over 28 miles of walking trails on Block Island open to the public free of charge, providing everyone the opportunity to enjoy the island’s natural beauty, heritage, and wildlife. We hope you enjoy your walk into the past and that you will respect our natural areas so they will last into the future.

Please Respect the TrailsFor Walkers Only

  • No bicycles, dirt bikes or motorized vehicles allowed on trails

  • No horses allowed on trails

  • Respect all signs marked private

  • Keep noise to a minimum

  • Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints

  • During hunting season (fall & winter) wear blaze orange

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