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Art & Nature Video Series
Art & Nature has been a favorite summertime program for many years.  The combination of art and nature is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the nature of things, and to experience how nature inspires art. While you observe the subject closely enough to draw it you cannot help but to learn about its special place in its environment.  Nature sketching is a time-honored way of recording information and seeing things that you may not have noticed before.

So, join Kim Gaffett, OVF Naturalist, and accompanying artists for an up close view of some of the island’s special critters. And, if you have follow up questions or comments feel free to check-in with Kim at
Art & Nature Sketches by Josie Merck - click to enlarge
Caterpillars with Artist Josie Merck
Northern Waterthrush with Artist Josie Merck
Waterthrush sketches by Josie Merck
Garter Snakes with Artist Josie Merck
Garter Snake Sketches by Josie Merck
Painted Turtle with Artist Josie Merck
Painted Turtle Sketches by Josie Merck
Cool Beach Finds with Artist Josie Merck
Cool Beach Finds sketches by Josie Merck
Cool Beach Find sketches by Josie Merck
Please check back for additional episodes!
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