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March 14, 2024: Osprey/Eagle Update

As we wait for the annual return of the osprey (on or about March 23), the web cam at the power company platform has captured lots of images of a pair of bald eagles. They have definitely spruced up the nest to their liking; they have been seen “dining” on flounder and assorted ducks; and, they have been observed mating.

The bird on the right is slightly smaller and is probably the male with complete adult plumage, thus at least 5 years old. The slightly larger bird on the left is likely the female. Note that her plumage is not complete, she is probably 3-4 years old. Bald eagles generally do not breed until they are full adults. Even if this pair does not complete a breeding season they definitely appear to be setting up a territory and forming a pair bond.


Several questions pop to mind: will the eagle lay eggs and attempt to nest on the platform, or are they too young still to successfully proceed with nesting; are they just hanging out at the platform and building another nest elsewhere (they generally prefer to not be so exposed); and, of most interest, what will happen when the osprey return????


Check back at this TNC website for a season of narration of eagles and/or ospreys.

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