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Osprey Update: April 20, 2024

When I first noticed that the female has a band on her leg. I automatically assumed that this bird is the same as last year's (2023) female on this nest, who was also banded.

But, I checked the images from the 2023 narrative (see link to 2023 below) and noticed that last year's female was banded on the left leg. (See images for the April 26 and June 2 posts.) Careful looks at the 2024 images show that this year's female is banded on the RIGHT, thus a new female to this nest site. And, likely a new - inexperienced mom.

In addtition I had been wondering if this year’s male was a new mate based on his behavior, which is kind of inattentive. I would expect more fish being delivered to the nest and more obsessive reorganizing of sticks.

  Hmmm, it is going to be very interesting to observe if this pair will have success in fledging a young.

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