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March 27, 2024 - Eagle/Osprey Update: Ruffled Feathers

After approximately 10 days of no sighting of the eagles on the Power Company platform, both eagles showed up on the platform looking ruffled, agitated, and looking to the sky. Sure enough one of the osprey pair that calls the platform home had arrived. During the early evening there was lots of interactions: the osprey mostly circling and swooping, the eagle standing fast on the platform and occasionally chasing the osprey.

Who will end up with the platform is unknown at the moment. And, when will the second osprey arrive? What is known is that the eagles have another nest nearby, in a tree which is a much more eagle-like situation.

I’d like to think they can share the territory on their respective nest sites (eagles in a tree, ospreys on the platform), but they are likely to be uneasy neighbors.

Stay tuned for this spring drama.

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1 Comment

Elspeth Crawford
Elspeth Crawford
Mar 29

I do look forward to hearing more of this saga - and hope they do share the territory. But, we have to wait to see. Thanks so much for posting. Elspeth😀

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